CNC Wire Former

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:CNC-960

■Max. load: 9.0mm dia. wire.
■3D former + multipurpose scroll.
■Full-servo slide (5 max.)
■Standard, 9 shafts (4 slides, 1 wire feeder, 3 3D forming bases, 1 multipurpose scroll)■Max. 16-shaft PC capacity.
■Standard, 1,500kg wire loader.
■Additional servo slide and scroll (optional).
■Also custom-made

Standard attachments:
4 tool sets, 1 1500kg loader, 3 auxiliary cylinders, 2 probes, 1 manual control roller.
Optional attachments: Rotating wire shaft (max. load 5.0mm/80C dia. wire), additional servo slide, additional servo scroll, tool & spring setter.

Model: CNC-960
Wire dia.: 3.0mm~6.0mm (spring steel wire);
4.0mm-9.0mm (metallic wire 1006)
No. of shaft: 9 standard; 16 shafts max.
Working range: 700 x 700 x 700 (mm)
Wire-feed motor:
Mitsubishi servomotor
Max. speed 400rpm;
Max. feed speed 70m/min;
Max. feed length +/-99999999
Slide motor: 4 Mitsubishi servomotors
Max. travel 150mm
Max. speed 400rpm
3D forming motor: 3 Mitsubishi servomotors
Max. up-and-down travel 160mm
Max. left-to-right travel 120mm
Max. back-and-forth travel 120mm
Max. up-and-down speed 20mm
Max. left-to-right speed 20mm
Max. back-and-forth speed 20mm
PC: G-code industrial PC; 32MB
Power: 220V, 3-phase
Weight: 3,500kgs
Dimensions: 170 x 170 x 225 (cm)