WB-512 CNC Wire Bending Machine

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Detail Specifications

Wire Bending Machine, Wire Forming

■Control panel in Chinese and English for easy, smooth operation.
■Modular molds for flexible processing.
■Standard wire loader: 1,500kg

Model: WB-512
Wire dia.: 4.0mm~10.0mm (metallic wire 1006)
No. of shaft: 4 standard; 16 shafts max.
Working range: 700 x 700 x 700 (mm)
Wire feed: max. speed 70m/min;
max. feed length +/-99999999
Curve: bending degree 360°
PC: G-code industrial PC
Power: 220V, 3-phase
Weight: 2,500kgs
Dimensions: 210 x 253 x 187(cm)